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  Jiuzhaigou national park

    In northern Sichuan,400KM from the Chengdu,close to the Gansu border, is Jiuzhaigou.It an area of about 620 square km and lying in Nanping County which is located in the northern part of the province of Sichuan. It is a deep valley more than 40 km long in which there are nine Tibetan villages. Secluded, it has a variety of natural sceneries including lakes, waterfalls, snowy mountains and beautiful green forests. In the valley, there are one hundred lakes of various sizes and shapes. In Wuhua Hai (Five Flower Sea), waters appear in five colours presenting a marvelous wonder of nature. the one-hundred-meter wide Nuorilang Waterfall's 30-meter drop is a spectacular view. the waters here are crystal clear and occasionally one can see birds swim in the lake while fish fly in the blue sky. Primitive, simple and uninhabited, it is a wonderful fairyland of nature.

 National AAAA
Tourist Attraction
 World Natural Heritage  United Nations Educational,
Scientific And
Cultural Oraganization
 World Biosphere Reserve  Green Globe 21